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At Zuari Tech, we are committed to our motto “Strive to Excel” and we consider technology as lifeblood to bring incremental benefits to our customers. We are technology enthusiasts totally given to exploring and learning new technologies, new processes and methodologies which will help us leverage our services to support our customers. Being a process oriented company, Zuari Tech always adheres to frameworks like ITIL, Six Sigma, lean management to design, deliver, operate and manage services offered to the customers. Our approach has always been to ensure value creation in every service we provide which has helped us grow with our customers. Our customers have also always applauded our focused and transparent way of working and our ability to deliver on SLAs and KPIs every time. Consequently, we enjoy long term mutually beneficial relationships with our customers.

Service Management

Todays’ businesses are demanding higher outcomes, faster operations, flexibility and cost optimization.This means organizations need to anticipate and develop infrastructure that will be agile enough to meet these demands an…

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IT Infrastructure Management

Changing digital landscape, high dependence on technology and the need to adapt to dynamic business scenarios is putting pressure on the infrastructure.

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Enterprise Applications Support & maintenance

With over two decades of experience in IT services industry, we have evolved a sophisticated approach to delivering infrastructure and application support enhancing processes, for greater engagement and optimization of operations.

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Enterprise Testing as a Service and Total Quality Management

Software Quality is a qualitative indicator of success (business requirements expressed through technical know-how) but we intend to measure it more and more on quantitative terms to ensure we are creating new standards of custome…

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Tool Management

Although new technologies and upgrades has become a necessityin today’s business, many large organizations have legacy systems which are still integral to their businesses and need ongoing support and maintenance.

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Consulting and Projects

The need to stay competitive and profitable is compelling enterprises to find ways to maximize their resources and adapt to newer technologies to ensure business continuity.

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Zuari Tech respects its customers’ views and inputs while incorporating solutions. They easily adapt with the ever-changing market.

Their highly efficient team provided us constant support. Zuari Tech excels in executing the process, which is well-structured.

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