Working at Zuari Tech

Zuari Tech team is a highly motivated and talented team of engineers, many of who have joined us at the start of their careers and are now leading the organization from the front. So if you are someone who is technology obsessed, enjoys challenges, believes in being honest and loves to learn then here are # 5 reasons why you belong at Zuari Tech!

Fun@ work culture


Our workforce is young and also young at heart so having fun at work makes it the best place to be. Our culture is all about enjoying camaraderie with colleagues and finding occasions for celebration, whether it is a birthday, anniversary or professional milestones.  Our work spaces are joyous because we encourage our teams to share knowledge, information and experiences freely with each other. A regular day @ Zuari Tech is peppered with fun competitions, quizzes, games and get- togethers that liven up your day.


Getting closer to growing bigger.


We believe when personal goals and organizational goals are in-synch with each other, magic happens.  Therefore at Zuari Tech we encourage everyone to align their personal goals along with professional ones so that we can weave the winning story together. It’s all about helping our assets explore higher potential and getting one step closer to achieving their dreams. Our training and development initiatives are aimed at honing your skills and competencies to enable you to work with the best in class companies globally. At Zuari Tech you are always moving closer to where you want to be.


Do amazing work


It’s all about work at the end of the day. You want to feel you have learnt something new, earned someone’s respect and are on top of things whether it is a new process or new technology. At Zuari Tech you can expect to achieve greater heights and do amazing work because our offices are equipped with the best in class infrastructure and we support and design well thought out processes. That’s not all our open door policy ensures all your ‘Whys’ are answered every time and you give more than 100% to every task.


Potpourri of experiences


With international and pan India client base diversity has become our middle name.  Naturally a mélange of experiences both at the work place and off is a given.  Expect to travel to new places, meet new people, learn new skills, work on latest technologies and of course grow as a professional.  At Zuari Tech interactions with professionals from cultures all over the world creates psychedelic plethora of avenues for enhancing skills and learning.


We let you be you


We encourage individuality and we want our people to be the best they can be whether at work or at play.  We are committed to maximum employee engagement, growth and satisfaction and our employees are empowered to express their views and participate in the decision making. At Zuari Tech you have the freedom to work across domains as we encourage cross domain experiences across verticals, practices and technology platforms. This freedom to work beyond your boundaries hones the skills across platforms and makes for an enhanced expertise which becomes a benchmark for the industry.  While we are committed to collaborative initiatives, our culture also focuses on individual aptitude, talent and inclinations and we do our best to provide you opportunities to develop your competencies in the best possible way.
At Zuari Tech we like to do things differently and we see ourselves as path breaking outside- the -box thinking organization.  Ideas and adrenaline keep us going and we enjoy pushing the boundaries and creating new experiences every time.


What can you expect at Zuari Tech?



We endorse and encourage transparency across the organizational parameters.  Our corporate culture is open and inclusive. New members to our fold are warmly welcomed irrespective of their experience and skills.




Is the key word for success in our parlance. Collaboration creates synergy and gives a new momentum for working towards shared visions and goals. It helps us maintain our competitive edge and perform at our optimal at all times.  Collaboration works so well for us because we listen not only to the voice of our customers but also to the voice of our employees.  Our teams are empowered to ask questions and are part of the decision making process. We ensure we adapt best practices and processes so that the spirit of collaboration is integrated into work flow rather than become a special initiative.


Work life Balance:


@ Zuari Tech everyone is passionate about their work and deliverable to clients and sometimes that passion translates into long hours of engagement. To counter this we do our best to set realistic expectations for our employees, promote time management skills and above all communicate across levels.  Flexible schedules allow multitasking and collaboration besides a warm and friendly environment.


Diverse workforce:


Diversity is part of our DNA not only because we work across continents but because we perceive it differently in its multiple manifestations such as gender, ethnicity, age and lifestyle. Diversity is so important to our culture

and way of working because to us, it means fresh ideas, new approaches to problem solving and innovation. Workplace diversity has made Zuari Tech more productive and profitable as we strive to embrace differences to realize the benefits of diverse workforce.


Disruptive Innovation:


Our engineering team is one of the best in class, and innovation is naturally the buzzword for our teams and we have empowered them to break the glass for technical, processes or even administrative areas. The resulting new ideas sometimes completely change the way we perceive challenges and turn things on the head. To us disruptive innovation is continually disrupting the clichéd, with a whole new value proposition for our clients both internal and external.